Invest in Madrid

Madrid, the capital of Spain, country’s administrative hub, city of business, of leisure, headquarter of the principal multinationals Spanish companies and of large international businesses, state’s cultural capital, cosmopolitan city, busy, modern and at the same time parochial, in a good way, with the unique soccer spirit, gourmet and lascivious, where the people walk with their hands in their pockets like no one else in the world and at night time we sleep a little and we dance a lot, Madrid is the cozy city but excellence. Center of Castilla, old Castilian, the “center of the world”, joining point between 3 continents, where everybody wants to find a place to enjoy the little details that life gives us; a good stock, cracked eggs, a good piece of art, a tennis match or a soccer game, an opera, a kiss at the Retiro always tastes better, new year in Madrid with the midnight strokes, the fountains, a boat ride… in Madrid the crises was in a way easier to over come, the noise was moved to the streets, we learned how to enjoy life in a different way, it is the place in Spain where all the foreigners what to have their houses, were there is no loneliness, were the music is different and the voices of the singers crack in the perfect moment, city of children and folks, students and immigrants that end up becoming mates, where the migratory birds nest. A side from some politicians who don’t love it, Madrid will survive and endure. It is a safe investment. The houses’ prices rise, whenever there is a new construction the retirees agonize, if we reinstate we have to be very fast because there is a lot of people who are arriving soon with new dreams. Madrid, open city for everybody, a city with a lot of history behind, or, how Lope and Cervantes said, if not we just make it up. This is why investing in Madrid is and will always be a good option.

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