Athlanta is born

When a new project is born already as a reality, we don´t really know if it will endure, emerge, die from success or from boredom. What we know is that this project rises full of thrill, cause, and incentive, stealing hours of our days, searching for the best advisers and the best company in this journey, the best location and, of course, the best clients. We do this with effort, because we know that without all of these things, we won´t get anywhere. With tenacity, we know that these kinds of projects are for stubborn people, like us, with new ideas, with the confidence that a good relationship provides you. At the end, there is nothing else than people operating together in this work environment that you need to love: the property sector. I remember a few years ago when a senior executive from an important Bank was talking about the real estate field as the “boulder field”, I remember how much it used to bother me, that man never really understood anything, I believe that now he works with cutting-edge technology. No, no. I honestly prefer to be surrounded by people talking about bricks and stone, I have seen builders leaving a side all the glamorous and sophisticated things to come join us at the construction, the mud, I have seen promoters visualizing the land that they were buying from the outside, fantasizing about their future houses already finished, I have seen the property developers walking around the street looking and analyzing the buildings, organizing them in their mind like if it was a game, I have seen urban planners taking out their magic pencil and painting how will the future city look in a grid while walking in the countryside, and that is the whole point, every city starts in the countryside, and here no doors exits, some people just don´t understand, we see architects struggling trying to allocate impossible houses. In every single one of them I have seen the passion towards the real estate sector, a sector whose raw materials surrounds us everyday, at all times. Because whenever we buy or rent a property, we pass through a road or take a bus, now I encourage you to just take one minute and think about all the people that thought, worked, planned, and invested a lot of hours with those projects that now are a reality. That´s where Athlanta is born, in a sector that will last for ever and that only the people who really know it understand what I am talking about.

Alea jacta est.

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